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Inessential views of art and photography.

Sweet surrender: captivated by photography and feminism

As you know, art photography and feminism are the backbone of this blog. Both Jake and I live and breathe visiting exhibitions, looking at photo-books, reading feminist magazines, watching bechdel friendly films and well, discussing all of the above! We thought it is time to share our bookmarks with you, not only because they inspire our posts, but also because we would like to think you are eager to read and see more and more about photography and feminism.

Art photography

You Can See


This blog brings together photography, feminism and support for emergent, young artists. It is updated every now and then, providing featured artists with high visibility thereby. The whole concept and realization echoes the force of sororities. Love it!

The Independent Photo-Book

Best blog on self-published photo-books. Full of affordable awesome finds. We have expanded our photo-book collection quite a bit thanks for this blog. Use with care!


This is one of the four tabs that automatically open when I start my web browser. The blog is full of inspiration, tips and calls for work. Great resource for photographers and photography lovers alike.

News and current affairs

Miss Representation

Great facebook feed about representation of gender in mass-media. If you haven’t watched the film yet, do it and you will start seeing things you couldn’t have imagined before. While the blog showcases success and failure of gender equality in media and current affairs, the facebook feed is very interactive as questions related to recent news are asked and people usually engage in very fruitful discussions.

Visual News

A great way to start the day!

Feature Shoot

This site has an interesting mix of sponsored and non-sponsored posts featuring all kinds of photography: documentary, fashion, art photography … The posts are short and concise, so that get a glimpse of the photographer’s work, but you will need to explore the photographer’s website to really appreciate the work. Feature Shoot newsfeed is inspiring but it gets repetitive after a while.


Scorpion Dagger

It is not photography and it doesn’t deal with feminism per se, but Scorpion Dagger’s GIFs are a MUST SEE! They will surprise you, they will make laugh yourself to tears and they will change you forever. Keywords: religion, renaissance art, satire.

Join Jonelle's unapologetic Journey!

To conform or not to conform? Great blog about Jonelle’s journey through remixed heteronormativity. Straight-forward and caring at the same time, hers is an example of the exemplary case.

Olive, Feta and Ouzo

As expats, we both like to connect with others and learn about their experiences. Amanda’s blog is a place of empathy for people who have relocated to a foreign country and who, like her and me, are eager to learn about their new home. Greece hsa been on the European spotlight for a while now, and it is very refreshing to discover what is going on there through the eyes of a newcomer.


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