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Playful and #magic #photography in New York City – Aperture Foundation Summer Open 2016

Today is the last day to visit Photography is Magic at Aperture Foundation, NYC. The exhibition has been curated by Charlotte Cotton. It features work by almost 50 photographers and is the result of an open call around the idea of photography as a magical form.

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Digital Photography and Everyday Life

Originally posted on Imagenaciones // Edgar Gómez Cruz:
Hace más años de los que quisiera contar, Guillermo Orozco, ya entonces uno de los académicos más renombrados en México dijo, en…

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How to smash the patriarchy this Halloween: Crimson Peak.

Do you love scary movies but the more you watch the angrier and disappointed you get? Well, you are not alone. Horror movies overwhelmingly portrait women as “damsels in distress”, who cannot help themselves. They seem to be there just to scream, cry and make things worse for everyone. But lately, a light at the end of the patriarchal tunnel has emerged. Jeanette Andromeda talks about strong, charismatic female leads in how horror movies. Now you can both enjoy Halloween and smash the patriarchy at the same time!

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“The Secure, Private Domain of my Home” by Lia Nalbantidou

Lia Nalbantidou captures the continuities and ruptures of intimate spaces. Routine, affection and loss at the center of her vision and will catch both your eye and your thought.

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Poverty beyond the stereotype. Trust, honesty and love – Louisa Marie Summer

In our series of family photography by female photographers, first we had Kayo Ume from Japan, and now we cross the Atlantic to explore South Providence, a urban neighborhood in Rhode … Continue reading

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About regrets and guilty pleasures. 11 daring questions.

Something about Patri
Yes, this post doesn’t have a direct connection with photography or art, but as you keep reading, you will see how links start to emerge. After all we write about our passions and interests.

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Kayo Ume – How to transform the mundane into the extraordinary

A few years ago I travelled to Japan for a conference in Kyoto. In addition to presenting my research, it was the first time I exhibited my personal work on family photography. … Continue reading

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HYSTERIA – Periodical for Radical Feminisms

HYSTERIA – Radical Feminisms Periodical. An art magazine by feminists for feminists against patriarchy and capitalism.

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Visual Anthropology in the Solomon Islands. To “come out good”

Summary of the book “The Echo of Things” is the result of an ethnographic study of photography in Roviana (Solomon Islands) carried out by Christopher Wright between 1998 and 2001. … Continue reading

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Notes on the visual and social inquiry

Originally posted on Visual Sociology NUIG:
In 2005, Douglas Harper argued for an Integrative Visual Sociology, which enables an empathetic understanding of sociological questions, as opposed to a more pattern-analysis-based, macro…

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What is a feminist space? Visual responses.

What is a feminist space for you?

Research and activism are coming close again, during the II Feminist Graphic Arts eventat The Feminist Library, London.

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Architecture and photography. Of time and space.

Reconstructions @ Belfast Exposed OK, let’s be clear from the start that I really don’t know anything about architecture or architectural photography. I’m no Aaron Betsky. But the more I’m … Continue reading

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Right now. Fascinating photography from Argentina and Spain.

“9.980km, the horizon that separates us” at Domus Artium Although I visit Salamanca a couple of times a year, since part of my family lives there, I had not heard of the … Continue reading

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One post, two voices. On Francesca Woodman and Ana Mendienta

Each of us writing separate-but-connected entries here on a photographer we love. She chose Ana Mendieta and I chose Francesca Woodman.

Who would have YOU choosen?

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We love Catalyst Arts! – Experimentation and change in Belfast.

We are both fairly new members to Catalyst and during the anniversary celebrations we learned from long-standing members how the dynamic space that is Catalyst today was first set up 20 years ago.

All-in-all, we love Catalyst Arts! Do you too? Share your love by sharing this post 🙂

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