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21 stories 21 days: 18th July

Today I attended a research event on Humanitarian Narratives at the University of Sussex. Initially attracted by the presence of PhotoVoice, Siobhan Warrington quickly captured all my attention as her presentation was illuminating, critical and very honest at the same time. It is rare to come across researchers that open up so much about their practice. The more I learn about narrative research and oral history, the more I realise of its significance and necessity today. Siobhan Warrington’s blog is a must read/see for visual and narrative researchers alike. Check it out!

Oral Testimony Works

I am useful for society, I am equal to someone who is not infected

‘I wanted to work to sustain my family. But when I went back to the bank they already know I was HIV-positive so they dismissed me… Just because I am HIV positive that does not mean that I cannot work.

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This entry was posted on January 17, 2018 by in Art Photography.

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