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Interview: James William Murray

The Miniclick Photo Talks

James William Murray uses photography as part of a multi-disciplinary practice. After speaking about his work for us at April’s talk about photography and sculpture, we interviewed him regarding his practice and his current solo exhibition Desire Works


Fragility and the ephemeral are intrinsic to your exploration of desire and absence. How does photography convey those notions?

One of the ways I think about photography is as a container for sculptural and performative gestures that may only exist for the duration of an exhibition or just for a short while in my studio. These objects and actions are able to endure within photographic space.

Recently I have been thinking about the function of photography in relation to exhibition making. I am interested in the potential of installation images not only as a practical means of documentation, but also how these images could be presented as works in and of themselves…

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This entry was posted on May 9, 2017 by in Art Photography.

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