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Tracing the Bridge Conference, School of Design, Loughborough University

Part of the discussion held at Loughborough last month was about the mediation of drawing – the representation of time and space – as well as about the link between drawing and communication. The layer of mediation/mediatization is highlighted thereby and it deserves further scholarly discussion,. Sian Hindle has also highlighted other key themes of the discussion had at #TracingTheBridge. Keep reading!

sian hindle | thinking on the page

workshop2-materailsA month ago, I attended a drawing conference in Loughborough and I loved it. I had to deal with a massive dose of imposter syndrome, as I’d never been to an event – like this – which was aimed primarily at artists, and drawers at that. Nevertheless, I managed to hold my nerves at bay and delivered my paper on day two (gratifyingly, I noted that this time I’d moved up the schedule; my normal slot is at 3pm on day two – this time I was at half-past 10am. I’ll be keynoting in no time!). Some of the other papers were fascinating; drawing is clearly a broad church, and the range of papers reflected this. Howard Riley spoke about how drawing has been forced to develop its conceptual underpinnings since taking its place within the HE world over the last few decades, effectively bridging the gap between art as…

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This entry was posted on October 21, 2016 by in Art Photography.

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