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HYSTERIA – Periodical for Radical Feminisms

During the II Feminist Graphic Arts Meeting at the Feminist Library in London, I came across the journal HYSTERIA. In an event that was focusing more on content than on the aesthetics ( fanzines), the material quality quickly grabbed my attention. The printing quality was superb and the layout flawless. It felt like a high quality art magazine. The format reminded me of Source and some of the images made me think of Blow. The content, however, had nothing to do with anything I had seen before. It was powerful, original, fierceless and very very feminist.


HYSTERIA #4 – ‘Antagonism’

The slogan at the time really spoke to my heart (and my beliefs!): Radical Feminisms Periodical. Certainly, I could not ask for more. Here there was a publication focused on radical feminist art, driven by young feminist entrepreneurs and with a themeless ongoing call for works. Although I thought it was out of my league, after some consideration I decided to send my chicken story. The feedback that I had received so far in relation to the series had been positive and at the same time a little contrived. Even my most intensely patriarchy smashers friends found the images disturbing and a bit too radical. One of the editors of HYSTERIA responded me promptly: they wanted to feature the story on the website and possibly publishing it in an upcoming issue!

The initial diptych of

The initial diptych of “The chicken story”

And they were so supportive and patient with me. The process of re-telling the chicken story for HYSTERIA was long but very rewarding. Although I was the visible head, the editor in charge honestly, productively and respectfully contributed to crafting a web friendly version of “Chicken Skin”. It felt like a collaborative project. Perhaps that is why I started to keep a closer eye on their facebook page and why I felt I needed to give something back. My moment arrived a few weeks ago, when I started to see posts of their call for works in different languages. I offered to translate/search for translators for Galego, Catalan, Castellano and German. And that was the moment in which I became part of the group. Well, I had to agree with the manifesto first, but who wouldn’t?

Yes! Si! Ja! This the most awesome declaration of intentions ever, don't you think?!

Isn’t that the most awesome declaration of intentions you have ever read? When it comes to feminism, I often encounter those who argue that jokes and language are not a big deal. Well, they are. They are our challenge and the frontier we need to surpass today. They perpetuate discrimination, indignities, stereotypes and PRIVILEGE. Combating alienating language and fostering first person stories seems to be the natural/logic continuation of the work done by the second wave feminism. Angela Kelly could very well be a HYSTERICAL too. The Personal is Political.

HYSTERIA – The story must go on

And now, it is your turn. Let us hear your story. Show us your struggle. Share how you fight and overcome imposed borders. HYSTERIA and other radical feminists will be listening and supporting all the way. That is what we do. We want to be the resonance chamber for your stories, but we need your help.

Kickstarter – HYSTERIA #6 ‘Eruption’

What happens when you support HYSTERIA?

“To support HYSTERIA is a near-necessity at a time when the places and spaces in and from which radical voices can be heard are being destroyed or co-opted by the multi-faceted, hydra headed, machinations of patriarchy, conservatism and capitalism. HYSTERIA is entirely independent. It does not accept advertising and is not sponsored by any government. It is run by a collective of volunteers based around the world. It is international and cosmopolitan. It is radical. It is a rare voice. Because of this it can publish whoever and whatever it wishes. It needs your support to survive.” – Jago Rackham, member of HYSTERIA


“Those involved in HYSTERIA do this because we are all dedicated to speaking out against the oppressions of the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy in order to create solidarity and (hopefully) to facilitate changes in institutionalised systems that discriminate against and police groups of people in the society we all live in. Without these platforms that allow for radical voices we are all repressed within the detrimental cycles of dominant ideologies. PLEASE HELP UP TO DISSEMINATE OFTEN SILENCED AND IGNORED VOICES BECAUSE OTHERWISE WE WILL CONTINUE TO LIVE UNDER THE THUMBS OF THE OPPRESSOR(S). THIS AFFECTS ALL OF US” – Rosanna McNamara, member of HYSTERIA

“Supporting HYSTERIA is supporting yourself. The sixth issue is about sharing, participating, creating together to disrupt those boring, limiting and damaging patriarchal/neo-liberal structures that f*uck up your life (and my life, and zer life, OUR LIVES!)” – Patri Prieto, that is me!

You can follow HYSTERIA on instagram, facebook and twitter. And support the production of issue 6 here



4 comments on “HYSTERIA – Periodical for Radical Feminisms

  1. rose394
    July 16, 2015

    Very interesting piece and I’m glad your story was supported and will (hopefully) be published. The Hysteria manifesto is fascinating – I particularly like the part about “insisting on the equality of all through a continuous discussion of what equality entails.” All too often I feel discussions of feminism can take as a base assumption what equality means (equal numbers of women in FTSE companies say) and by doing so limit the breadth of what can be achieved. Because ‘feminism’ is now such a catch-all term I’m hoping to do a blog post on ‘my brand of feminism’ to help me clarify where my position lies within that spectrum – I would love to read a similar thing on your blog 🙂

    • northnomads
      July 17, 2015

      Thanks for the thoughtful comment Rose! Yes, feminism has become a very trendy word in the last couple of years. I think that we, as feminist activists, should play this as our advantage because at the very least, it fosters people to wonder, reflect and discuss what feminism is about. It is a good idea to write a piece about what feminism means for ourselves and I will take you upon that! I have been thinking for a while to write something about feminist art that inspires me and resonates with me 🙂

  2. Monica Bruno
    August 6, 2015

    Congratulations! I’m so glad your story was featured and hopefully it’ll be published, too. This is a very important cause and I appreciate your willingness to bring these struggles to light. Feminism is ingrained in our culture and it’s only through people taking a stand and making their voices heard will things begin to change. Thanks for all you do!

  3. northnomads
    August 6, 2015

    Thanks Monica! We keep our fingers crossed!

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